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About Suseyi Pro Moving

Our Story


Moving Excellence Starts with Our Pro Movers!

Our Founders

At the heart of Suseyi Pro Moving are the founders, Sara and Ibrahim Suseyi, whose shared vision has resulted in providing our community with the best full service moving service since 2015.

Sara Suseyi


Sara is the backbone of Suseyi Pro Moving, spearheading the company’s moving operations with precision and care. A firm believer in the power of a diverse and inclusive environment, Sara champions respect and acceptance for all. She is deeply committed to fostering a culture that supports acceptance and promotes equality. As a dedicated mother, business owner and active community member, Sara balances her array of roles gracefully. A member of the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce, she advocates for our local community on multiple levels. Sara’s joys in life extend to kayaking, fostering connections with fellow islanders, enjoying a good book, cooking up a storm and spending time with her family.

Ibrahim Suseyi


Known for his dynamic personality, Ibrahim Suseyi leads the moving team at Suseyi Pro Moving Company with dedication and respect. Ibrahim’s firm commitment to serving the Bainbridge Island, Kitsap and King County communities reflects in his leadership style of mentorship and excellence.

Ibrahim is a man of action, leading from the front and lending his hands-on expertise in moving logistics to ensure your possessions are handled with utmost care. Away from work, you’ll find him on the soccer field or amidst family gatherings, enjoying life’s simple pleasures. 

Our Moving Team

Chris Ortiz

Moving Logistics Coordinator

A major pillar in our pro moving team is Chris Ortiz, our dedicated Moving Logistics Coordinator. With a knack for planning and time management, Chris ensures that every moving task is executed with precision and efficiency.

One key benefit to having Chris on the Suseyi Pro Moving team, among many, is that he is also a classically trained pianist. This gives us a major edge when taking on specialty piano moves and the clients are always charmed when he “tests” the piano after the move. He takes pride in serving our Kitsap and King communities and is highly regarded by his team.

The Crew

Full Service Local Movers

The Suseyi Pro Movers are a collective of motivated and skilled individuals with a common goal: to deliver the best, stress-free moving experience to our clients. Our team of local movers is a group of hardworking professionals who embody the values and work ethic of Suseyi Pro Moving Company. They take pride in their roles as “island movers.”

We champion a healthy and inclusive work environment and take every opportunity for growth and learning. Our team is trained, mentored, and skilled to handle every moving task, be it moving a grand piano, handling fine art in a museum or a fragile antique.

Our Pro Moving Services

Reach out and let our reliable team make your next move a smooth sailing experience.

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Reach out to our pro moving team for an estimate on
your full service move or small local move.

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