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What to Consider When Hiring a Moving Company: Questions to Ask

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If you’re tasked with spearheading a move for your family or your office, finding the right moving company can be pivotal to the success of this transition. You want to ensure that everything from your grandmother’s china to your office’s file cabinets arrives at the new location safely and efficiently. As a full-service moving expert, we’re here to share some crucial questions to ask that will guide you in selecting a moving company that aligns perfectly with your needs.

1. Do you offer a “full service moving” experience?

A pro moving company that offers full service moving can take the weight off your shoulders by handling the entire move from start to finish. This includes packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and even setting up your items in your new location. Full service moving is particularly recommended for busy individuals or if you’re moving items that require special care.

2. How do you handle special items, such as pianos or fine art?

Piano moving should be handled by professionals, especially when dealing with a trained pianist for testing the instrument post-move. Also, inquire about custom crating services for fine art and antiques. Custom crates ensure that your valuable pieces are transported with the utmost protection.

3. What packing services do you provide?

Efficient and effective packing is the backbone of any successful move. A professional moving company should offer comprehensive packing services, tailored to protect each and every item, whether it’s a book or a fragile heirloom.

4. Do you specialize in heavy item moving?

Whether it’s a piano, hot tub, heavy safe or a marble sculpture, heavy items require special expertise and equipment to move safely. Verify that the moving company has experience and the right tools for heavy item moving to prevent damage to the items or the property.

5. Are storage options available?

Sometimes, there can be a gap between moving out and moving in. Storage moving solutions should offer a secure, climate-controlled environment to safeguard your belongings until the move can be completed. This is especially important for sensitive items or if you’re planning an extended transition period.

6. Can you share testimonials or references from previous clients?

Stories from Bainbridge Island movers who have navigated moves similar to yours are invaluable. They not only highlight the company’s capability to handle your belongings with care but also their ability to engage with clients professionally and courteously.

7. What’s your policy on quotes and estimates?

Transparency is key in any moving service. Look for movers who provide clear, detailed, and binding quotes, so there are no surprises when it comes to cost. Also, check if they conduct in-home estimates for the most accurate pricing.

8. How do you ensure the safety and security of my items during the move?

Establish the company’s protocols for maintaining the integrity of your items, from the use of protective materials to the training of their staff. Safety and customer satisfaction should be their top priority.

9. Are you fully licensed and insured?

Insurance and business legitimacy is non-negotiable during a move. Confirm that the moving company possesses all necessary licenses and insurance to protect your property and their workers in the event of an accident.

Final Thoughts

In your search for pro movers, you’re not just looking for a service provider—you’re seeking a partner who can expertly choreograph every aspect of your move. It’s about finding a team that conducts their operations with the same level of care and precision as you would apply when organizing an exhibition of fine art. By asking the right questions and expecting thorough, professional responses, you set the stage for a seamless and stress-free relocation experience, whether you’re moving your home or office.


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