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White Glove Moving Services

Here at Suseyi Pro Moving Company, we’re dedicated to delivering exceptional services tailored for those who expect nothing but the highest standards. We understand the value of your artwork, antiques and other cherished possessions, and we’re committed to handling them with utmost care. Whether you’re located on peaceful Bainbridge Island, throughout the broader areas of Kitsap or King County, our team is here to provide exceptional white glove service that goes beyond just moving boxes.

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Here’s what our White Glove Service entails:

Protective Measures

Our professional team arrives equipped with gloves and shoe covers, ensuring that no dirt or debris enters your living spaces during the move. Our safeguard measures are crucial for maintaining cleanliness and protecting the integrity of both your old and new homes or offices.

Exceptional Handling

Beyond basic wrapping and padding, White Glove Service means using specialized materials and techniques tailored to protect high-value items such as antiques, fine art, electronics and other sensitive equipment. Each item is given individual attention, ensuring it’s properly secured and transported in a condition that mirrors its original state.

Attention to Detail

Moving items is not just about going from point A to B. Our pro moving team takes thorough steps to ensure each item is placed and set up in its new location according to your exact specifications. From reassembling furniture to positioning your grand piano, we handle all tasks with precision, attention to detail and care.

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Post-Move Cleanup

The pro service doesn’t end once your items are in place. Our team also takes care of removing all packing materials and any mess created during the moving process, leaving your new space spotless and ready for you to enjoy immediately.

Additional considerations:

Artwork and Antiques

  • Weather-Adaptive Strategies: We plan meticulously, ensuring that rain, mist, or shine, your items are shielded from the elements.
  • Custom Crating: Each piece of art and antique is wrapped and crated with tailored materials to protect its unique attributes.
  • Condition Reporting: Transparency is key; we document your items’ condition both before and after the move to give you peace of mind.

Specialty Items and Instruments

  • Climate-Controlled Transport: Sensitive materials are cared for in our climate-controlled vehicles, crucial in the variable weather of the Pacific Northwest.
  • On-Staff Piano Expert: We’re proud to have a classically trained pianist on our team to fine-tune and assess your piano post-move, ensuring it feels and sounds as it did before.

Secure and Caring Handling

  • Expertise in Delicate Handling: Our team is trained extensively in handling fragile items, moving your belongings with precision and respect.
  • Specialized Equipment: We use the latest tools and technology to safely transport your items, no matter the size or shape.

Reliability in Every Season

In the Pacific Northwest, where weather is always a consideration, we at Suseyi Pro Moving Company have mastered the art of moving in all conditions. We adapt to the unexpected, ensuring your move is smooth, no matter what mother nature has in store.

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