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The Art of Moving with Pets: Pro Tips for a Stress-Free Relocation

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Cat sitting in moving boxes

Relocating to a new home is a significant event for every family member, including pets. Pets can become stressed due to changes in their environment and routine. Here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure your pets, including dogs, cats, aquarium and terrarium inhabitants, and more, experience a safe and comfortable move.

Dogs: Crate Training and Routine Maintenance

Secure and familiar transportation is essential for dogs. A well-ventilated and size-appropriate crate is ideal for travel, providing a safe and enclosed space. Gradually get your dog accustomed to the crate before the move. During the move, keep to their regular feeding and walking schedule as much as possible, and if traveling long distances, allow for breaks to stretch and relieve themselves. Use dog gates in your new home to limit access until they’re comfortable with the space.

Cats: Creating a Safe Zone

Cats need a quiet and secure area during the moving chaos. Set up a secluded room in your old and new home where they can stay with their essentials – food, water, litter box, and a familiar resting place. Transport your cat in a durable carrier and cover it to help calm them. Let them explore their new surroundings gradually to adjust at their own pace.

Aquarium and Terrarium Pets: Special Considerations


Moving fish and aquatic life involves careful planning. Transfer your fish to a holding container with original tank water to minimize stress. Retain as much water as possible from the aquarium to preserve the bacterial balance critical for fish health. Properly pack the aquarium, its filter, and other equipment, reinstating it swiftly at your new home. Match the water conditions closely when reintroducing your fish.


Reptiles and terrarium pets require a stable temperature and environment. Transport them in secure, breathable containers, maintaining their habitat’s temperature with portable heaters or coolers if necessary. Prepare their new terrarium setup promptly upon arrival to ensure a smooth transition back to their controlled environment.

Packing and Moving Day Precautions

While packing, it’s essential to keep pets away from the activity. This is crucial not only for their safety but to prevent anxiety triggered by the sight of packed belongings and unfamiliar people in their space. If self-packing, consider designating a ‘pet-safe’ room that remains untouched until the last moment.

When hiring professional movers to pack or on moving day, it’s safest to have your pets in another room, a section of the yard, or with a pet care service. This precaution prevents any escape attempts due to open doors and reduces stress for both pets and movers.

Additional Tips

  • Pet Sitters: Enlisting a pet sitter or boarding service on moving day can provide peace of mind, knowing your pets are safe and well-cared-for amidst the hustle and bustle.
  • Update Pet ID: Ensure your pet’s tags and microchip information reflect your new address and contact details before you move.
  • Vet Records: Secure a copy of your pet’s medical records and research vets in your new locale.
  • Gradual Introduction: Allow your pets to adjust to their new home gradually, maintaining their regular routine as closely as possible.

Moving with pets requires thoughtful planning and patience. By considering each pet’s specific needs and ensuring their comfort and security throughout the process, you can achieve a stress-free transition to your new home. Remember, the goal is to make the move as uneventful as possible for your pets, providing them with stability and care every step of the way.

Suseyi Pro Moving is here to help with all aspects of your move, including pet-friendly solutions. Our experience in full service moving for households of all sizes means you can trust us to handle the logistical details while you focus on your family and pets.


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