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The Ultimate Guide to Moving Antiques, Fine Art and Other High-Value Items

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Relocating to a new home can be as complex and delicate as the valuable items you’re planning to move. Moving antiques, fine art, and pianos involve special considerations to ensure their safety during transit. With that in mind, let’s walk through essential tips for transporting these treasures when you’re organizing your upcoming local residential or office move.

Understanding the Importance of Custom Crating

When moving items that hold not just financial but also sentimental value, standard boxes won’t suffice. Creating custom crates for fine art and antiques is a crucial step in preserving these items. Tailored to fit each unique piece, these crates provide sturdy protection against impact and environmental elements.

Techniques for Packing Fine Art and Antiques

  • Cushioning: Use acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect delicate surfaces.
  • Securing: Ensure that all items are snugly fitted inside their crates or boxes, with no room to shift during transport.
  • Climate considerations: Consider a climate-controlled environment for items sensitive to temperature and humidity changes.

Specialized Piano Moving

Relocating a piano isn’t just about muscle; it’s also about understanding the instrument’s intricacies. Here’s how professional piano moving is approached:

  • Assessment: A precise evaluation of the piano’s size, weight, and condition is conducted.
  • Equipment: Special dollies and ramps are used to transport the piano safely.
  • Post-move tuning: It’s suggested to have a trained pianist or technician check the piano after the move to ensure it suffered no harm during transit. At Suseyi Pro Movers, we have a trained pianist on staff for assess the piano post-move. Learn more about our piano moving services.

Protecting Your Items in Storage

Sometimes, your move might require temporary storage solutions. Here’s how to keep your high-value items safe in storage:

  • Climate control: Opt for storage facilities that offer climate control to protect against extreme temperatures and humidity.
  • Security: Choose storage with robust security measures, including surveillance and restricted access.

Moving Day Best Practices

When the moving day arrives, here are a few things to remember:

  • Communication: Keep an open line with your movers, ensuring they’re aware of the items that require special attention.
  • Inventory: Maintain a detailed list of all high-value items being moved.
  • Insurance: Consider getting additional insurance coverage for your most valuable belongings.

In closing, when moving items of high value, the primary focus should always be on the safety and security of these irreplaceable pieces. Whether it’s antiques, art, or a family piano, applying the right techniques and enlisting professionals when necessary can ensure your items arrive in your new home just as they left your old one — intact and ready to fill your new space with memories. Moving on Bainbridge Island presents a unique opportunity to handle your belongings with the care and tranquility that the community embodies.


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